How Can You Tell If Your Sewer Pipe is Collapsed?

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Discovering that you have a collapsed sewer pipe is usually the end of a nightmare story about sewage backup, ripped out carpets, and huge bills from contractors and the city.

Often, the discovery of the collapsed sewer pipe isn’t made until it’s dug up and investigated, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Calgary Sewer Scope can help you diagnose sewer issues by doing a video inspection of your sewer pipe. We take our scope and scout out your sewer line to see if you have issues like cracks, root invasions, split joints or collapsed pipes.

What does a collapsed sewer pipe look like? Well, I hope you never get to experience one in your own property so here’s a picture of a recent scope that we did where we discovered that the sewer pipe had collapsed:

Collapsed Sewer Pipe Calgary

Want to find out what’s actually wrong with your sewer pipes? Contact us for a video sewer pipe inspection!