CCTV Sewer Line Video Inspections

Calgary Sewer Scope is an innovative company that specializes in the 3rd party CCTV camera inspection of sanitary mainlines, lateral lines, drains, storm sewers, septic systems and utility pipelines.

Our NASSCO certified inspectors are committed to helping our customers properly identify issues with their underground infrastructure. Early identification is critical in extending the service life of underground pipes and minimizing costs.

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Residential Sewer Line Inspections

Did you know in Calgary property owners are responsible for all costs associated with maintaining and repairing the sewer line service connections from the buildings plumbing system all the way to the property line? The cost of replacing or repairing a main sewer line can cost $5,000 to $25,000. That is why it is critical for you to know the actual state of the sewer line and drainage systems before purchasing a property.

Pre-Purchase Inspection       Preventative Inspection

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Want a NASSCO certified inspection company to give you a pre-purchase sewer line inspection before buying your next home? Contact us for FREE consult for a professional sewer line inspection in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

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Commercial Inspections

Sewer Main Line and Lateral Line Inspections

Calgary Sewer Scope offers a commercial inspection that utilizes a state of the art video inspection system that will allow us to inspect 3″ and larger lateral lines.  Our unique mainline system allows us to drive a robotic crawler down a 6” to 48” mainline pipe and provide a thorough NASSCO certified examination of the sewer pipe structural integrity and functionality.

New Sewer System Construction Acceptance Inspections

Our pre and post-acceptance commercial inspection includes a thorough examination of the sewer pipe integrity, functionality and cleanliness. Our NASSCO certified technicians are capable of making accurate observations and recording all conditions that may be encountered in the sewer and storm lines to verify the condition of the systems construction prior to acceptance.

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