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Although CCTV video inspection is  an important component of an infiltration inflow survey, smoke testing is a quick way of inspecting both the sewer mainlines and laterals. Smoke travels throughout the system, identifying problems in all connected lines. This type of sewer line testing is becoming more relevant due to being quick, cost effective and proactive.  As a result, it’s a great way to look after assets that are continually aging and deteriorating.

Smoke testing sewer lines is a relatively simple process that consists of blowing non-toxic smoke mixed with large volumes of air into the sewer line. The smoke travels the path of least resistance and quickly shows up at sites that allow surface water inflow. Smoke will identify broken manholes, illegal connections including roof drains, sump pumps and yard drains.

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Do you have an annoying odor or smell in your home? Do you wish you could find the cause of the odor?

To identify the right solution you need to first identify problem with smoke testing! Our professionally trained sewer line inspection technicians can find the source of a plumbing-related odor quickly and professionally by performing a plumbing smoke test. Our plumbing inspection smoke tests can assist with the following problems;

  1. Finding the source of an odor – Anywhere a smell can travel so can smoke. Within minutes our plumbing smoke test will reveal sources and causes of odor that may take days or weeks to find any other way.
  2. Finding plumbing defects – Our smoke tests can quickly uncover cracked or broken pipes, leaks, bad joints, improper venting, unsealed pipes or dry traps.

During smoke testing, our field technicians will blow air and non-toxic smoke into the sanitary sewer system and monitor where the smoke escapes. The pressurized smoke is pushed into the system filling the sewer main line as well as any plumbing connections inside your home. The smoke will then follow the path of any leak to quickly reveal the source of the problem.

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